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Igantius on Jim Jones’ management style

April 30, 2009

I don’t know that much about Gen. Jim Jones’s management style prior to joining Team Obama as National Security Advisor, but the ‘collaboration’ style of government seems to be in keeping with the tenor of this Administration.  David Ignatius at the Washington Post writes:

In coordinating the big egos on the foreign policy team, he wants a collaborative process in which the national security adviser is a facilitator rather than an operator in his own right.

images3“I want to make sure the right people are at the table and that they’re able to say what they want — so that nobody walks away angry that their views weren’t heard,” Jones explains. “So far at the principals level it has been very collegial. Collegiality allows me not to have to be so much in the forefront.”

Collaboration and collegiality are good ways to start a discussion, but what hampers communal decision-making is when there are sharp disagreements over policy – then other tools (i.e. confrontation) should be used to achieve certain goals.  See the whole op-ed here.

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