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smart co-option move by Obama

May 16, 2009
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imagesJon Huntsman, the popular Republican governor of Utah, will be the next ambassador to China.

I bet Team Obama was up late trying how to coopt one of the most popular GOPers in the country and one who was rumored to be interested in a run for President in 2012 — and settled on this ambassadorship.   It fits well with his background, given he has a deep interest in the country and speaks the language.


He replaces former Bush fraternity brother Clark Randt who, despite being a “loyal Bushie” was one of the few who did a decent job, deftly managing the China- US relationship. Huntsman’s appointment, whether baldfacedly a ploy to remove a popular GOPer, or something else, nevertheless shows the US is taking China seriously, and is resolved to send the best folks out there.

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  1. hominitus permalink
    May 17, 2009 4:33 am

    I don’t recall any episode of inspiring competence during Randt’s stay in Beijing, but I suppose that is exactly how someone like him should behave.

    Huntsman is a smart pick. I agree.

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