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Why anger your only comrade…

May 27, 2009

…with a nuclear explosion right on its border?

The test was conducted barely 50 miles from the Chinese border. The ground rumbled in northeast China, and some schools were evacuated because of fears of an earthquake.

“It was quite shocking. The location where they did this test was a lot closer to China than to where [North Korean leader] Kim Jong Il is living in Pyongyang,” said Zhang Liangui, a Korea expert with Beijing’s Central Party School, where Communist Party officials are trained.

Obama will probably ask the Chinese to help halt NK’s nuclear program, but it’s unclear what the Beijing will actually do.  After all, Pyongyang has crossed ‘redlines’ set forth by the US in the past, and little action (it seems) was taken.  China has a “good thing” going, since NK freaks out the US, giving Beijing leverage over current and future negotiations on other issues.  That said, if China wants to be a ‘responsible stakeholder’ in the world, they are going to eventually have to send their own Freddo on a fishing expedition.

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