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Prudie says…

May 28, 2009

DearPrudence_EY2So, this is a bit off topic, but I recently wrote to Slate’s “Dear Prudence” a few weeks ago about a “problem” I have.  And she replied!  More after the jump:

Dear Prudence,
My wife and I are in our late 20s and are recently and happily married. Last year, we moved to a new city so she could attend graduate school, and we have few friends in the area. One thing is causing a lot of tension in our relationship: She insists on watching the programming on Bravo TV for hours after she returns from class every night. While any sort of programming in moderation is fine (I enjoy police-car/crash-related programming), the accumulated Housewives of Orange County, Top Chef, and Millionaire Matchmaker, etc., is driving me bonkers. I feel as if I’m constantly letting the vapid, catty, self-centered individuals from these television shows into my home. To combat her watching this dross, I’ve tried bribery, negotiation, walking (storming) out of the room, and suggesting other projects. Nothing seems to work. I realize that she doesn’t want to upset me, but she is unable or unwilling to give up the demon tube during the evening. Aside from cutting our cable, I’m at a loss. Can you help?

—Bothered By Bravo

Dear Bothered,
The couple whose marriage is collapsing because of the wife’s obsession with Bravo—this sounds like a pitch for a Bravo reality series! I do agree with you about the repulsiveness of the Housewives iterations and Millionaire Matchmaker. But my husband, who enjoys artillery barrage programming, learned from Top Chef of the drama inherent in the decision to cook meat sous-vide and thanks to Project Runway (now departed to Lifetime) now appreciates how “ruching” can make a dress work. So maybe you can come to share part of her Bravo passion. But for her to be engrossed by Bravo nightly, while tuning you out, is simply rude. Take her out for a nice dinner and tell her you understand that at the end of a long, intellectually demanding day, it’s a relief to watch the Housewives, whose cup sizes are probably the same as the grades on their high-school finals. But say you want to reach a compromise with her. Ask if she can record her favorites and devote one or two nights to Bravo, which would give the two of you the rest of the week to enjoy each other—suggest a regular outing, say, to the theater or a music club, as an alternative. If she can’t make that concession, maybe it’s time for the camera crew to move in.


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