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How did Cuba pull it off again?

June 5, 2009
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Reports are coming in on yet another US official caught spying for Cuba.


The Justice Department charged Friday that a former State Department analyst and his wife worked as spies for Cuba for nearly 30 years, using a short-wave radio to pass secret diplomatic information to their Cuban handlers.

Officials said the couple, Walter Kendall Myers, 72, and Gwendolyn S. Myers, 71, received little in the way of compensation from the Cubans except for the short-wave radio and some travel expenses. Rather, the officials said, the couple appears to have been driven by their strong affinity for Cuba and their bitterness toward “American imperialism.”

This is not the first decades-long spy that the Cubans recruited in the US government:  after all, Ana Montes is serving 25 years of hard time for her espionage while working for DIA (2001); the FBI also broke up a ring in 1998 dedicated to penetrating US bases in Florida and the Cuban emigre community.

A few questions:  1)  how do the Cubans, on ostensibly a pretty tight budget given the cash-starved nature of the island as a whole, keep recruiting US government employees?  and 2) Why does it take the FBI years to catch them?   Are the Cubans simply better than their US adversaries at spycraft?  Conversely, another question remains — how many people are in Cuba today that are committing espionage for the US?

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