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bringing the Birther Ring Cycle to a close…

July 28, 2009

It seems as if the Birther Ring cycle is coming, sadly and hilariously, to a close:

  • Anti-immigrant crusader Lou Dobbs has been put on notice by CNN’s President that the story is dead;
  • The Holocaust Museum shooter was apparently a birther, shall-we-say, undermining the story’s credentials;
  • State of Hawaii officials have reconfirmed Obama’s birth certificate;
  • The woman whose rant toward Rep. Mike Castle was videotaped and then went viral on youtube is evidently a real nutcase – according to Delaware Online:

The star of the show — known as “Crazy Eileen” to callers of a Sussex County talk radio station — has gone into seclusion, declining interviews and avoiding publicity, even as previous statements by her have emerged referring to Obama as “the antichrist” and speaking of aliens and angels.

Then again, maybe the birther movement still has traction in Congress:

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