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more on the manufactured health care outrage

August 4, 2009

You know, if I were an anti-Obama personality, I’d hate to realize that I was actually a total sucker being led around by the nose by certain corporate interests dedicated to undermining specific legislative proposals…It’s like all those unbalanced people who read “Liberal Fascism” and thought that the book had a compelling argument, not actually knowing that many conservative thinkers thought the publication was “amusing and ridiculous.”

Following up on the lobbyist-funded teabaggers outrage

Yesterday, I reported that the anti-health care reform group Conservatives for Patients Rights was enlisting tea party protesters to attend and disrupt health care town halls hosted by members of Congress in their regions. Today, CPR–which is headed by disgraced hospital executive Rick Scott, and has enlisted the message men behind the Swift Boat campaign–has acknowledged their behind-the-scenes role in the outbursts. Spokesman Brian Burgess tells Greg Sargent that CPR is distributing “town hall alert” flyers to people on its mailing lists and is reaching out to third party groups via online list serv.

Perhaps the most significant of these discussion groups is the called Tea Party Patriots, which is managed by Tom Gaitens, a field organizer for the industry-funded lobbying organization FreedomWorks. Members of this list serve were not only supplied with list of town hall forums, but with a strategy document outlining the same disruptive techniques we’re seeing play out at health care public forums around the country.

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