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lawmakers behaving badly (cont.)

September 10, 2009

Shimkus walks-thumb-350x326What would their mothers say?  The Swamp is reporting that Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), now of “you lie!” infamy, was not the only sitting Member of Congress who showed both disrespect for the Office of the President and his colleagues.

Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), representing the 19th district of Illinois, decided to walk out of the speech before it was over.  His press secretary said:

Congressman Shimkus was frustrated that the president was not offering any new ground and left with just minutes remaining in the speech.

This just seems like poor, poor manners of Rep. Shimkus’s part.  Furthermore, as a former high school teacher, he must know that the person standing at the front of the room can see you getting up…even if you’re in the back!  So, he was doing this, most likely, to ‘make a point.’

So, who else has recently acted in an similarly, needlessly rude way toward duly elected leaders?

images-2The Communist Party of Moldova:

The Communist Party, in power since 2001 and trying to retain control after losing ground in last month’s election, walked out of the assembly’s first session, complicating efforts to elect a president to replace Communist Vladimir Voronin.

imagesThe Turkish Prime Minister:

Recep Tayyip Erdogan walked out of the televised debate on Thursday, after the moderator refused to allow him to rebut the Israeli president’s justification about the war that left about 1,300 Gazans dead.


…A cabinet walkout by Hezbollah led to an 18-month political crisis that pushed the country to the brink of renewed civil war and ended only after Arab diplomats proposed a power-sharing solution in May 2008.

So, Rep. Shimkus is in good company.

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