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instajudgment: Capuano’s first ad

September 18, 2009

Rep. Mike Capuano has released the first campaign ad for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat of the season — a mini-race that might cost anywhere between $3 -5 million for a competitive campaign:

Pro: First intro ad out of the gate.  Hits the major lib/dem topics, reminds viewers of how bad Bush was/how good Ted Kennedy was

Con: Forgettable, cookie-cutter ad.  My guess is that this spot recycled from previous campaigns.  Not a fan of the dark blue shirt with an oxford collar/weird dark red tie.

Instajudgment: Kudos to Capuano for releasing the ad before he even announced his candidacy. Given that his website doesn’t even have a telephone number/contact info on it (suggesting he doesn’t have his ground game even marginally organized) it nevertheless indicates he has some decent cash-on-hand. The much better-organized & staffed Martha Coakley campaign has yet to air any ads, even on the internet, so Capuano has made an attempt to seize the high ground.

Grade: Å 1/2 (out of 5)

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