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Instajudgment: Steve Pagliuca’s first ad

September 22, 2009

Bain Capital’s managing director/Celtics co-owner, Steve Pagliuca, released his first spot entitled, “Listening, Leading.”  I saw this ad while watching CNN’s ‘Anderson Cooper 360’:

Pro:  First time we see Pagliuca as a candidate.  Tracking shot indicates he can articulately speak more than one sentence.

Con:  Doesn’t really say anything of consequence.  Also, his shirt doesn’t seem to fit his frame (look at the creases by his shoulders.)  For a fellow who is reportedly worth some $400 million, he can afford a better wardrobe.

Instajudgment: Boring and could be better.  For him to capture the interest in the primary, these ads have to be more dynamic.  Also, you have Massachusetts’ frumpy lion of the House, Barney Frank, making undermining comments like this:

Grade:  Å

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