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Instajudgment: Steve Pagliuca’s 2nd ad

October 1, 2009

Steve Pagliuca released a second ad, entitled “Together”:

Pro: great! 2nd ad!  Hoorah!  Also the shirt fits somewhat better than the first ad.  Nicer tie too.

Con: He must have been coached to open his eyes wider for the camera — but it makes him look like a deer in the headlights. George W. used to have that same look during some of his State of the Unions.  Also, again – where are the specifics?

Instajudgment:  Okay, so he has $400 million, but surely he could have had a more exciting series of ads. Where’s the obligatory B-roll of him kissing babies and meeting with the locals? Blech.

Å 1/2 (out of 5)

Also, I was wandering around Harvard Square the other night, and noticed he has set up shop on Mt. Auburn St near Peet’s Coffee — it’s a nice location, but given the real estate prices in the area, he could have gone somewhere that has more parking.

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