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Instajudgment: Pagliuca releases more TV spots

October 21, 2009

Celtics magnate Steve Pagliuca cranks out two new ads (one a week?), entitled “Working for the Dream” and “Never Give Up”:

Pro: Slick tv ads, some with Democratic buzzwords (‘corporate interests’ ‘creating jobs’ etc.) Better than the first two ads his campaign first aired.  “Never Give Up” and “Working” have some nice shots of him interacting with children and young people.  I wonder whether they shot the corporate shots in his corporate campaign HQ in Harvard Square.

Con: Pretty light on substance.  I think I’ve seen some of the B-roll from “Never” in other corporate advertising (i.e. Lockheed).  Using the a picture of the Kennedy brothers in “Never” is in poor taste.

Instajudgment: I have to hand it to Pagliuca’s campaign – I only see his political advertisements on TV and hear them on the radio. He’s dominating the media.  Still, the voters in the 8 December special Democratic primary are going to be the savviest voters in the Commonwealth – fluffy ads are not going to sway any actual folks on the way to the polling booth.  If he wants to break out of 1-3% range, he’s going to have to explain publicly his spotty voting record and some of his previous donations to the GOP.

Maybe running some slashing ads against frontrunner Martha Coakley will help his standing — after all, it wouldn’t hurt.

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