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the defining photo image of the campaign

October 29, 2009

Kennedy Successorso, I made it into the AP story about the race for US Senate here in Massachusetts-I guess Mike Capuano is courting the ‘ethnic’ vote in this pic.

Also, the associated article has at least one hilarious quote from the Congressman:

No one’s ever called Capuano shy and retiring. He’s a pugnacious former five-term mayor proud of his blue-collar roots in Somerville, just outside Boston.

When top bankers whose firms took billions of dollars in government bailout money showed up on Capitol Hill at the height of the financial meltdown, Capuano pounced. “You come to us today on your bicycles after buying Girl Scout cookies and helping out Mother Teresa, telling us we’re sorry, we didn’t mean it, we won’t do it again, trust us,” mocked Capuano.

“I have some people in my constituency who actually robbed some of your banks. And they say the same thing. They’re sorry. They didn’t mean it. They won’t do it again. Just let them out.”

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