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Capuano’s “New Jobs” and Coakley’s first ad

November 3, 2009

Double header advertising spot today – Mike Capuano’s “New Jobs” and Martha Coakley’s “Jane.”

First – Mike Capuano’s spot:

Pro: The ad touches on the issue (jobs) that are important to most voters here, much more so than other advertisements (i.e. Pagliuca’s 30 spots.)  He ties it in much more to the ability of elected officials to bring home federal dollars – a main theme in his campaign.  He says he’s “delivered those funds”, while tying it to the other Democrats – Sens. Kerry and Kennedy.

Con: not sure whether this is a ‘con’, but my wife mentioned that he has a really thick Somerville accent, which might be off-putting to some voters out in Western Mass.  I say it gives him character.

Instajudgment: I like this ad – we’ve moved past the biography spots, and now getting into the core issues of the campaign.  This was the first spot I saw on television (on “Meet the Press”) from the Capuano campaign, unlike the 24/7 bombardment by Team Pagliuca.

Martha Coakley released her first television spot as well, entitled “Jane”.

Pro: Slick first advertisement.  AG Coakley looks strong and determined, but not off-putting or aggressive that might be a turn-off to undecided voters.  I liked the ‘bookend’ nature of the ad, where “Jane” makes the pitch for Coakley, instead of the candidate herself.  She also has a soothing voice in this spot.

Con: Coakley’s stances (“we need a strong public option” and “coverage, even if you have a preexisting condition”) are identical to all the other candidates.  What differentiates her from the pack?

Instajudgment: Despite the identical POV in this ad to the others, this is a strong spot out of the gate.  I’m surprised the Coakley folks didn’t release any “bio” ads, since many of the folks I’ve talked to more or less express the same opinion:  “She seems nice, but I don’t know anything about her.”

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  1. yassershak permalink
    November 3, 2009 5:58 pm

    what’s up!!! dude, a very belated congratulations on your marriage! How’s married life in Mass?


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