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Sing Me, O Muse, of decent cover art

November 4, 2009

Cover ImageI’ve been looking for a new book to read, and came across Antony Beevor’s “D Day” about, well, what you might expect it to be about.  That said, I was intrigued by the cover art – it depicts a knot of soldiers leaving the safety of a landing craft for choppy waters and an unknown future.  That said, I was under the impression that there was a lot of horrific violence that met the invasion force — and this photo suggests everything was pretty calm on this particular ‘day of destiny.’

412TYEC3GGL._SL500_Then it hit me — I’ve seen this photo before, in college, in  Stanley Lombardo’s excellent translation of The Iliad.

I thought this was a particularly inspired cover for the Iliad – the feeling of dread, of uncertainty about taking a hostile land from a determined enemy, the tight fear of an unpleasant demise- but for the D Day book, it oddly seems to lose some luster, some immediacy. Of course, it’s a perfectly fine cover for a perfectly fine book, but slapping text on a photo and calling it a cover does not inspire me to pick up the book from all the other tradebooks out there.

On the other hand, here are some inspired book covers.


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