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Capuano’s “Never” and Khazei’s “Believe”

November 14, 2009

New ads released from the Mike Capuano and Alan Khazei campaigns.

first, Capuano’s “Never”:

Pro: Tough, hard-hitting spot on the efficacy of sending additional troops to Afghanistan.  Capuano says without an understanding of the mission, he would “never” vote for more soldiers in the country.  Nice tie to his vote to the Iraq war.

Con: Casual viewers may infer from this ad says Capuano doesn’t support the military.

Instajudgment:  Toughest spot of the season (less than 30 days to primary!)  May alienate some people, but stakes out a chunk of intellectual territory not yet held by any of the other candidates.

Alan Khazei has an ad too, entitled “Believe”:

Pro: Pleasant spot about how Khazei created City Year and “created 15,000 jobs.” But you knew that already, right?

Con: The question is more whether the jobs he created were well-paying — I’m under the impression they were overwhelming low-paying ones for younger folks…not the individuals who are going to vote in this election.

Instajudgment:  Feh.  It doesn’t cut through the clutter that’s usually on TV.  Then again, Khazei would do well to re-cut Elizabeth Shue’s endorsement.


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