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Hizbollah’s new manifesto

December 1, 2009

Hizbollah issued a new manifesto today, the first since 1985, appearing to be more ‘conciliatory’ toward the notion of Lebanese sovereignty over military matters:

“The manifesto is reassuring as it shows Hizbullah’s integration with Lebanese political life,” said Paul Salem, who heads the Beirut-based Carnegie Middle East Center. “In the first manifesto, it posited itself straight out as a proponent of an Islamic republic, whereas this document strikes a balance between the party’s ties to Lebanon and its ties to Iran,” Hizbullah’s main backer, Salem told AFP.
Still the core political issue of the renunciation of violent struggle to achieve stated political goals is a step too far for the Iranian proxy– the group still refuses to hand over its significant weapons cache to the LAF.
“It refers to the weapons as a fixture and not as a transitional phase followed by integration with the army.”
So, no matter what empty gestures that Nasrallah makes toward reducing sectarianism in the country, it’s doubtful that Lebanon will have its Altalena Affair anytime soon.
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