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who is putting up Martha Coakley signs in my yard?

December 7, 2009

I have a small garden in front of my shared house in Cambridge.  A few weeks ago, I put a “Mike Capuano for US Senate” sign in this place, facing the street.  Late last night, I came home to find that someone had put a “Martha Coakley for US Senate” lawnsign planted next to it.  Now, prior to putting my Capuano sign, I asked all the other folks who live in the upstairs apartment whether it would be okay to do so — and they all said that it would be fine.

After discovering the Coakley sign in my front yard, I emailed the rest of the house about this (and explained that if they did it, I would be fine with it), and noone said they did it — and I believe them since they are a pretty apolitical bunch.

So the question remains – who did it?  I’m the only one on my street with a Capuano sign in my yard…and now am the only one with with both signs.  An odd occurrence?  Or could it be that the Coakley campaign is deliberately targeting my house on the block?  If so, this is a great way to annoy voters, especially right before the primary election.  I’ll post photos when I go home tonight.

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